Clubs & Student government

Future Farmers Of America

President: Libby Fisher Reporter: Karly Baremore

Vice President: Sophie Moeller Sentinel: Jose Mendez

Secretary: Cecilia April Jr. Advisor: Lucas Hulse

Treasurers: Ty Hunt-Prince

Advisor: Jeremy McCulloch

Future BUSINESS Leaders of America

Advisor; Michael Rubrecht


Advisor: Wendy Stauffer

Rotary Interact

President: Libby Fisher

Vice President/Secretary: Emma Durning

Co-Treasurers: Kellan Knifong & Cecilia April

Advisor: Colby Knifong

The Interact Club is a service club sponsored by the rotary club of Wallowa County.  Interactors produce community and international projects and strive to live by Rotary's 4-way Test: 

national honor society

wallowa middle & high school student government

Associated Student body (ASB)

President: Libby Fisher

Vice President: Sophie Moeller

Secretary: Karlee Baremore

Treasurer: Ty Hunt-Prince


President: Libby Fisher

Vice President: Gage Goebel

Secretary: Madison Holcomb

Treasurer: Weston Wolfe


President: Catelyn Eckel

Vice President: Isabella Guillory Nunez

Secretary: Agatha Doherty

Treasurer: Daisy Mendez

8th grade

President: Madysen Bronson

Vice President: Cayden Ence

Secretary: Ella Jones

Treasurer: JaLynn Skillings


President: Ty Hunt-Prince

Vice President: Sophie Moeller

Secretary: Karly Baremore

Treasurer: Jose Mendez


President: Jon Ruiz

Vice President: Jayden Salmon

Secretary: Lily May

Treasurer: Kody Salmon

7th grade

President: Preston Gomes

Vice President: Kyler Lowe

Secretary: Elijah Brainard

Treasurer: Preslie Hagen

6th Grade

President: Kayleigh Wenke

Vice President: Alba Braden

Secretary: Chenoa Brockman

Treasurer: Teagan Tillery

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