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University of Idaho: B.S. Wildlife Resources. B.S. Secondary Education. Certified in K-12 Life Science and K-12 Basic and Adv Mathematics.

David Duncan

Science/Natural Resources

I started teaching in 1998 in Wallowa. I've been in and out, here and there, ever since.

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My teaching philosophy: keep it simple. Learn the essentials and learn them well. I believe in learning, relearning, review, review, and review. I believe students should have multiple opportunities to re-assess until they have become proficient at our learning goals. You have to work hard not to work to not be successful in one of my math classes!

A native of Wallowa County, Dave Duncan has taught for 20 years as an outdoor school instructor, classroom teacher in math and science,  track and cross country coach, and pastor.  He went to school at the University of Idaho where he completed degrees in Wildlife Biology and Secondary Education.  His greatest passions are his wife Bobbi (Goller), six kids, and the outdoors; but he also loves writing, playing the guitar, and snowboarding.  He is currently teaching math for junior high and high school and believes that being back in Wallowa where he started teaching is a dream come true because of the amazing people and the small town pride.

"Carpe diem"