Schevelle Wortman

Speech / Language

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Schevelle Wortman has been with the school district since 1998; first she worked as a sign language interpreter and an aide in the resource room. In 2008 she became a Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) and services the Wallowa School District through the Wallowa County ESD.

Schevelle got her Associates degree through Chemeketa Community College and Blue Mountain Community College.  Schevelle loves her job working with students throughout the county schools.  While working with these students, she has learned that her skills in sign language have enhanced her ability to reinforce their learning.

Schevelle was born and raised here in Wallowa and was a 3rd generation graduate of Wallowa in 1981.  Her husband, Ken, was also born, raised here, and was a 1974 graduate of Wallowa High School. Schevelle and Ken have two daughters who were also born and raised here, making them 4th generation graduates of Wallowa High School! The Wortmans have 5 grandkids: Renee, Dylan, Kaen, Kamela and Chase. They’re hoping their grandchildren will be 5th generation graduates of Wallowa!