Regular High School Diploma

Awarded to students who have achieved at the competency levels required.

**24 credits required to graduate**

Modified diploma

To be eligible for a modified diploma a student must  have a documented history of an inability to maintain grade level achievement due to significant learning and instructional barriers or a documented history of a medical condition that creates a barrier to achievement. 

**24 credits required to graduate**

Honors diploma

Awarded to students who have achieved the competency levels required and have earned full credit with a GPA of 3.50+ without modifications in any of the 24 credit graduation requirements. As of graduation year 2022, honors diplomas will require a minimum of 2 advanced courses in the subject areas of English, Math,  History, or Science. Ask our Academic Advisor for eligible courses.

**24 credits required to graduate, no modification**

**GPA 3.50 or higher**

**Complete 2 advanced courses in English, Math, Science or History**

**4 year college admissions will typically include testing requirements, including the SAT or ACT exam. School admission requirements may vary**

In addition to credits for graduation, students have been required to meet the essential skills competency according to the State of Oregon.  Work samples or other approved methods in writing, reading, math throughout a student's high school career will provide documentation of skills. This requirement will resume with the class of 2024-25.


Personalized Learning Plan- This State of Oregon requirement is fulfilled by the completion & passage of courses Success 101 during the Sophomore year & Senior Seminar during the Senior year. Students will complete career-related projects & engage in instruction that meets the Oregon Career-Related Learning Standards (CRLS). 

Elective Courses

Dual/College Credit Course offerings

Dual credit courses offer students an opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credit. Wallowa accomplishes this by partnering with colleges who support our teachers with curriculum, syllabi, as well as the scope and sequence of the course. Virtual course offerings are available, provided by IMESD teachers.  These are rigorous courses that have additional requirements due to their dual credit structure. Depending on the course, dual credit may or may not have fees attached. If there is a cost, it is usually at a significantly reduced rate and Wallowa School District strives to cover any tuition-related student balances.

WHS In-Person Courses

**Juniors or Seniors on track to graduate with 2+ advanced classes are allowed a study period and/or career connected opportunity (work shadow, internship, work release, work-based learning opportunity)**

imesd Virtual Courses

CTE Programs of Study & pathways


Health Science

Natural Resources 

Oregon Teacher pathway

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